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Question #1: I have a small store. Can a retailer of my size afford to “Get on the Brandwagon?”
Answer: Yes you can! You are already buying specialty foods now, simply shift your purchasing budget to include new private label items. Startup costs are affordable for any size retailer. Simply pay as you go! Most of my customers charge the label costs as an advertising expense. Every retail store can afford it!

Question #2: Private Labeling scares me. Do I have to buy multiple cases of the same item? My space in the backroom is so limited.

Answer: In most cases you only have to buy 1 case of an item, so most of your order goes right on the shelves.

Question #3: If I put my name on the product, It has to be high quality. How can I be sure of this?

Answer: All of our food products from our vendor partners are made in small batches using time proven recipes and the best ingredients. We will gladly provide samples to earn your confidence that our products are excellent and worthy of you Brand!

Question #4: My logo is old and tired. I want a fresh new look for my Private Labeled items. Can Global Gourmet Partners help me?

Answer: Yes, our Art Department is ready to assist you to create a beautiful label. We conduct a thorough interview and provide a few different proofs to help you select the best label for your new “Private label program”!!

Question #5: Which products do I start with to get my new Private Label Program rolling?

Answer: It depends on the type of retail store you have. Our sales staff is eager to provide lists of best sellers by vendor. We are happy to coach you through the ordering process. We sell private label products to Gourmet Stores, Independent Grocers, Bakeries, Farm Stands, Country Stores, Gift Shops, Meat and Seafood Markets. Our knowledgeable staff will recommend the best items for your store.

Question #6: Do I have to put the labels on the products myself?
Answer: No! Never! Our Vendor Partners do all the work!

Question #7: 30 cases is a lot of product for my store. How do I manage that amount?
Answer: The dollar amount of a 30 case order from Braswell’s is only about $850.00. They also supply a free wooden display rack that hold 20 cases. Many customers order 30 different items, some order 15 items (2 cases of each), some order 10 items (3 cases of each). The program is very flexible! Since most of the order is on the shelves, your back room remains clear!

Question #8: Why can’t I order 30 cases total, and select items from many vendors.
Answer: Our Vendor Partners are located all over the United States, and combining orders is not feasible.

Question #9: How long does the entire Branding process take?
Answer: From the time we get your logo, it takes between 4 and 5 weeks for the first order to arrive. Reorders are much faster... from a few days to 2 weeks.

Question #10: Do the vendors carry liability insurance in case any problems arise?
Answer: Yes, all of our Vendor Partners carry product liability insurance. Copies of the policies are available upon request.