About Us

Haverhill Beef Meat Market Products

Industry Leader in Premium Private Label Store Branding

Charlie Kresser established Global Gourmet Partners as a sales and marketing agency in 1995, intending to establish a belief that a low-cost, simple, and convenient Private Label Specialty Food Solution be made available to all.

Since 1995, we have been trying to overcome the underlying problems with co-packers with huge minimums and stores with limited space and limited capital.

My Mission

  • To create an enabling environment for retailers, even small ones, to become Private Label Players in the Premium Branding Marketplace

  • To ensure low minimums, controlled shipping costs, and affordable startup costs

  • To make this process easy, affordable, and fast

Global Gourmet Partners

Overcoming Challenges

My biggest challenge was changing the mindsets of the manufacturers and co-packers. Their policies were unreasonable; small to mid-sized markets felt locked out. 

After a long search and endless negotiations, I proudly represent ten vendor partners who understand this challenge and want your business!

They have all agreed to the following:

Problem: Stores were forced to Buy Large Quantities of Product
Solution: One Case Minimum Per Item

Problem: High Shipping Costs
Solution: Free Shipping

Problem: High Label printing, Plate Charge, and Inventory Startup Costs
Solution: Pay As You Go

Your Logo

Our talented art department is ready to use your logo and design an attractive label with "shelf appeal," and you are on your way to offering your brand. If you do not have a logo, we will create one for you.

We are the industry leader in premium private label store branding. Today we offer over 650 delicious gourmet products that are ready to be "Private Labeled" with your beautiful logo.

We boast hundreds of satisfied customers who understand the value of branding. So give us a call and get on the brand wagon.