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Answer: Yes, you can! You are already buying specialty foods now; simply shift your purchasing budget to include new private label items. Startup costs are affordable for any size retailer. Simply pay as you go! Most of my customers charge the label costs as an advertising expense. Every retail store can afford it!

Answer: In most cases, you only have to buy 1 case of an item, so most of your order goes right on the shelves.

Answer: All of our food products from our vendor partners are made in small batches using time-proven recipes and the best ingredients. We will gladly provide samples to earn your confidence that our products are excellent and worthy of your Brand!

Answer: Yes, our Art Department is ready to assist you in creating a beautiful label. We conduct a thorough interview and provide a few different proofs to help you select the best label for your new "Private Label Program"!!

Answer: It depends on the type of retail store you have. Our sales staff is eager to provide lists of bestsellers by the vendor. We are happy to coach you through the ordering process. We sell private label products to Gourmet Stores, Independent Grocers, Bakeries, Farm Stands, Country Stores, Gift Shops, Meat, and Seafood Markets. Our knowledgeable staff will recommend the best items for your store.

Answer: No! Never! Our Vendor Partners do all the work!

Answer: From the time we get your logo, it takes between 4 and 5 weeks for the first order to arrive. Reorders are much faster... from a few days to 2 weeks.

Answer: Yes, all of our Vendor Partners carry product liability insurance. Copies of the policies are available upon request.

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